Music Fair

Don’t worry, we’re not a band consisting of ten or so people, the photo above just shows most of the people involved in the non-stop performance onstage during the school fair. We took turns, switched roles, and we have genuinely enjoyed playing together, and enduring the pressure from the crowd whilst playing songs that we had barely practiced.

The microphone did not work on some occasions, the singers forgot a line in the song they were singing, the bassists not realizing their instrument was muted…etc. It was far from a flawless performance.

However, on that little red stage surrounded by food stalls, junior and senior students alike had learnt to deal with being shy and nervous in front of a crowd, got introduced to the idea of teamwork and coordination, and had demonstrated how music can connect us.

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Give a Gift Project

A child is the greatest gift to have ever been bestowed upon any individual and every parent wants what is best for their own kid. Some may have been blessed with the ability to afford to cater to every need and want of their precious little jewels, while others may not be in the right financial state to do so, which is exactly how the Give A Gift Project came to be.

Give A Gift is a charity event dedicated to helping teachers, students, and schools that are in need of support in the provinces. For many years, Western International School has encouraged this outreach program, donating all the funds we have made from celebrations leading up to it entirely to this function, to provide our students with a means to see, understand, love, and give back to the community in which they stemmed from.

As for this year, we are hosting this function as a way to teach our freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to see the world in a better light. It is meant to give them a chance to help younger people less fortunate than themselves feel genuine hope and paint a brighter future.

Children are the building blocks of all societies and those of us who are privileged enough to be given the luxuries and opportunities of the city should start giving back to those who are living in poor-to-mediocre conditions in a way that truly matters. Give A Gift can help with that. No matter how big or small your donation is, it would still mean the world, considering that it does come from the heart. Moreover, the joyful smiles on children’s face at the sight of everything you are giving them is one of the most rewarding things in the world.

Donate today, and change the way a child sees the world.

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